Photos : AMTK203

Amtrak number five was having quite a time of it today; first it was held just east of Truckee, CA for several hours due to freight train interference according to @AmtrakAlerts., Then the crew's time ran out at Rocklin, CA while they were waiting for Amtrak's Capitol Corridor number 538 to finish it's stops in Roseville and Rocklin. They had planned to change number five's crew in Roseville but 538 was delayed leaving Roseville because of, you guessed it, freight train interference. The freight train in question had to be taken into the yard in two sections --split at the mid-train DPUs-- and the end hadn't cleared a signal which prevented the dispatcher aligning the switch 583 needed in order to leave. For some reason the dispatcher couldn't or wouldn't give the crew permission to set the switch manually, a common practice. I hope you don't mind my long winded description.
Roseville, CA