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  • 2017.04.22
    • I want to reiterate a very important in-force policy that has been in effect for over a year now. We do not allow third party sourced spots. The staff at HeritageUnits has stated over and over that we do not want or allow users to troll social media or other sources and post spots based on that information third party or whatever they find online. Doing so is unacceptable. We have always advocated that we wanted "eye's on" spots only..!! However, through random audits of spots, we continue to find many users are continuing this practice and abusing the spot process posting highly questionable spots from unverified and unreliable sources. I want to make this clear. Do not repost information you found on social media. We do not recognize social media as accurate sources to base spots on. Social media is rampant with speculation and false information. If you post a spot that is based on third party information (Social Media, Friend, Facebook, Yahoo, Etc) where the account holder did not actually see the unit "Eyes on" in person you are running afoul of our policy. Please note railcam spots are still acceptable and are excluded from this policy. Trace sources are not permitted. All users must know this, any spot we find through audit is found to be based on third party sources will be removed from the site as bad with penalty or suspension. To be clear, reports should only be first person and not third party. We want 100 percent accuracy and timely reports. Mr. Stephen J. Nordahl, Site Manager
  • 2017.04.14
    • FYI - NS #4001 DC/AC conversion unit was involved in a major derailment today and is on it's side on the PITL west of Lewistown, Pa.. Unit is now suspended from reporting and photos. Our prayers to the crew involved. Steve, Site Manager
  • 2017.04.10
    • Removed UP 6188 (SP Patched) - Repainted into UP Colors
  • 2017.04.03
    • Staff has identified a problem with the Notifications section in "Settings". Right now editing is not working. The site owner is working on a resolution.
  • 2017.04.02
    • Last evening a couple users thought that by posting several "April Fools Day" posts on our site would be something everyone would consider as just someone joking around. Not the case at all..!! At no time does ever participate, or allow what some consider practical jokes, and that extends to our users. At, we consider anyone deliberately posting a group of false spots on our site as a deliberate "Attack" against the entire site and all of our users. We are a locomotive spotting network known for our accuracy and any attack on our site is considered an attack against the credibility of our site. Very quickly, our regular and very trustworthy users saw what was happening and notified us of what was occurring, and we were able to stop the attack from progressing. All users upon signing up on our site, agree to our site terms of service policy. As a result of this so called joke, two users were banned permanently from our site. We also believe there was a third person involved and we are looking into this and rest assured that person will be identified and removed from the site. I want to say this again, any user(s) who feels they can Joke around, Attack our site, or Troll, can rest assured of one thing. You will get removed from our site. All users must understand that every time you visit our site you leave several digitally identifiable fingerprints. Our security system is very adept at matching up evidence and helping us find these jokers. Once that happens, you might just suddenly find yourself banned from our site. That's my personal guarantee..!! Mr. Stephen J. Nordahl, Site Manager
  • 2017.04.01
    • The April 2017 Update & Photo of the Month has been posted to our HeritageUnits Facebook page. Please visit: HeritageUnits Facebook

  • 2017.03.30
    • Added - VIA 905 & 908 - Via Rail Canada 150 Anniversary Unit. (Special Wrap)
  • 2017.03.28
    • Added - IC 1028 - CN - Illinois Central
  • 2017.03.27
    • Added - VIA 6402 - Via Rail Canada 150 Anniversary Unit. (Special Wrap)
    • All of the "VIA - Canada 150 Anniversary Unit's" have been moved from the general listing to a new folder under Special Interest - "Special Interest : VIA - Canada 150 Anniversary Unit's"
  • 2017.03.25
    • Added - BNSF 3017 - BN Patched
  • 2017.03.24
    • Added - BNSF 1412 - BN Patched
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet's 799 & 4718
    • Added - BNSF #'s 2097, 1973, & 1781 - BN Patched
    • I want to remind everyone that many users are still chronically misusing the "Notes" line. Only use the "Notes Line" if there is something "Very" specific you need to report about the unit(s) themselves. It is not to be used like a forum for your personal commentary as we have been finding regularly. In addition, understand that for all reports in general we want "now" information only, not what may or may not occur. We do not want third party spots, speculation or predictions of any sort. When we find spots that contain personal commentary, third party sourced, contain speculation, or predictions, many of those spots end up being modified by staff or the entire spot is removed as bad with penalty or worse. Those who continue this practice run the risk of being suspended from our site. Accuracy Accuracy...!!! Remember, if not sure, do not post..!!! We cannot edit the notes field, so if you have entered both pertinent unit information and added personal commentary, or unwanted forum like comments, the entire note has to be removed making your spot less valuable. The site is for spotting and passing specific information about units only. It's not a forum.
  • 2017.03.20
    • Added - BNSF 1455 - BN Patched
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet 4711 & 687
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet 674
    • Added - BNSF 1441 & BNSF 1469 - BN Patched
  • 2017.03.18
    • Suspended Reporting: UP #'s 8646 & 8701 (CNW Patched) - Units are now stored
  • 2017.03.15
    • All of the "UP Painted EMD Demonstrator Units" have been moved from the general listing to the folder under Special Interest - "EMD Demonstrators"
    • All of the "NS DC to AC Conversion Units" have been moved from the general listing to a new folder under Special Interest - "NS DC to AC Conversion Units"
  • 2017.03.11
    • Added - BNSF 1461 - BN Patched
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet 797
  • 2017.03.10
    • Added - CSXT8272 - Chessie Heritage Paint - (Note - Reportable during the move to the museum and then will be removed)
  • 2017.03.09
    • Restored Reporting: NS7338 - Unit is back in service.
  • 2017.03.06
    • Restored Reporting: NS7337 - Unit is back in service.
  • 2017.03.05
    • Added - VIA 904 - Via Rail Canada 150 Anniversary Unit. (Special Wrap)
    • Restored Reporting - UP1982 - Missouri Pacific Unit
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet 4708
    • Added - BNSF 2160 - BN Patched
  • 2017.03.04
    • Added - IC 1026 - CN - Illinois Central
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet 680
  • 2017.03.03
    • Revised the Geocode Location for Rutherford Yard in Harrisburg, Pa. - The system will now Geocode the Yard correctly
  • 2017.03.02
    • Suspended Reporting: NS7337 & NS7338. In Altoona for Rebuild & Repaint.
  • 2017.03.01
    • Added - BNSF 1403 & BNSF 1459 - BN Patched
    • The March 2017 Update & Photo of the Month has been posted to our HeritageUnits Facebook page. Please visit: HeritageUnits Facebook

  • 2017.02.23
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet 798
    • Added - VIA 907 & VIA 6454 - Via Rail Canada 150 Anniversary Unit. (Special Wrap)
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet 730
    • Added: AMTK #711 - Phase III - "Empire Service"
  • 2017.02.21
    • Removed SOO #'s 6035 & 6037 (SOO Paint) - Shopped for Overhaul and Repaint into CP Colors
  • 2017.02.20
    • Added - BNSF Blue Bonnet #'s 2745 & 2788
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #'s 763, 780, & 693
    • Restored Reporting: UP #'s 8646 & 8701 (CNW Patched)
  • 2017.02.16
    • Removed UP # 6722 (CNW Patched) - Repainted into UP Colors
  • 2017.02.15
    • Effective Immediately - Policy change regarding third party sourced spots. The staff at HeritageUnits have come to the conclusion that allowing users to troll social media or other sources and post spots based on that information third party or whatever they find online has become unacceptable. We have always advocated that we wanted "eye's on" spots only..!! However many users have consistently abused the spot process and are posting highly questionable spots from unverified sources. From this point forward, we will no longer accept third party spots where the user did not actually see the unit "Eyes on". (Railcam spots are still acceptable.) Any spot we ultimately find is based on third party sources will be removed from the site as bad. Trace sources are not permitted. To be clear, reports should only be first person and not a third party. Any spot we find that ultimately was via third party will be removed as bad with penalty or suspension. We want 100 percent accuracy and timely reports. Mr. Stephen J. Nordahl, Site Manager
  • 2017.02.12
    • Added - IC 9628 - CN - Illinois Central
    • Added UP # 6194 (SP Patched)
    • Removed UP #'s 6410 (SP Patched) - Repainted into UP Colors
  • 2017.02.08
    • Removed UP #'s 6729 & 6730 (CNW Patched) - Repainted into UP Colors
    • Removed UP #'s 1067 & 6183 (SP Patched) - Repainted into UP Colors
  • 2017.02.05
    • Added - VIA 916 - Via Rail Canada 150 Anniversary Unit.
  • 2017.02.04
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet 682
  • 2017.02.02
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet 785
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet 711
  • 2017.02.01
    • Removed UP 9807 (SSW / UP Patched) - Repainted into UP Colors & Renumbered as UP 1127
    • Restored Reporting on BCOL 4626 - Unit is reported active again
    • The February 2017 Update & Photo of the Month has been posted to our HeritageUnits Facebook page. Please visit: HeritageUnits Facebook

    • Removed UP #'s 6150, 6151, 6153, 6154, 6158, 6195, 6196, 6199, 6233, 6269, 6273, 6276, 6298, 6303, 6307, 6312, 6327, 6329, 6334, 6336, 6338, 6343, 6344, 6360, 6366, 6375, 6376, 6377, 6383, 6384, 6387, 6389, 6395, 6404, & 6414 (SP Patched) - All now repainted into UP Colors - Special thanks to Steven Glaser for compiling the list of repaints and keeping us up to date.
  • 2017.01.31
    • Added - EMD Demonstrator - EMDX 1601 & EMDX 1602
  • 2017.01.28
    • Removed UP 6164 (SP Patched) - Repainted into UP Colors
  • 2017.01.27
    • Removed UP 6235 (SP Patched) - Repainted into UP Colors
  • 2017.01.26
    • Staff wants to remind all users that if you find yourself suspended you need to contact so that we can look into why. Many users have been suspended for not filling in correct information as required by policy in their user personal settings. Others have been suspended for Multi-Accounting and other reasons.
  • 2017.01.25
    • Removed UP 6149 (SP Patched) - Repainted into UP Colors
    • Restored Reporting on BCOL 4607 - Unit is reported active again
  • 2017.01.14
    • Removed UP 6162 (SP Patched) - Repainted into UP Colors
  • 2017.01.12
    • The staff at would like to point out a very significant issue that is causing many new users attempting to set up new accounts to fail. It's come to our attention that many students at schools have attempted to create accounts using school computer systems only to find that it failed, and in some cases the same student has tried several times without success. Many may be unaware that the school system has policies and security systems in place that prevent this type of activity, or worse intrusion by outside systems. In our case, when a user signs up an account from that school system, HeritageUnits sends a validation email to the user directed to the school computer where they signed up the account. The problem we have found is the validation email is immediately rejected by the school system and is bounced. Our strong advice to both potentially new users and other students is to avoid using school computer systems, where in fact the student should really be involving themselves in school work rather than trying to monitor Instead, that student should be concentrating on why they are at the school in the first place... You Are There To Learn..!!!
  • 2017.01.11
    • If you ever need to change your email address it's simple.. On the main site go to menu, and select "Settings". That will take you to your "Profile" settings. Then near the middle of the page will be "Options", click on "Change Login/Email". Once you change the email, the system will send you a email at the new address and you have to validate before making it active. It's very important to maintain a valid email address on our site as we do attempt to reach out to specific users when issues arise regarding their account.
  • 2017.01.10
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet 790
  • 2017.01.08
    • The staff wants to remind all users that the only way support has to contact users is via the account email they validated and have established in their personal account settings. From time to time due to various reasons, HeritageUnits staff send emails directly to the user alerting them of problems we have detected. If a user fails to respond, or their email is bouncing, it's an automatic suspension of their account. Many times users fail to check for these messages, or have allowed them to go to their spam folder, or worse ignoring them. Account holders that find themselves suddenly suspended should check to see if we have previously attempted to contact them. We give a reasonable amount of time for a response, and in the case of multiple accounts we copy every email address they have used in the past to make sure the message gets to them. However, failure to respond to our support emails will only result in a account suspension. If we cannot contact you, then our policy is simple, we suspend the account. Many times suspensions are applied for various reasons. Here's a few examples: 1. Multi-Accounting (Users are permitted one account only) 2. Multi-Accounting in a attempt to by-pass in-place suspensions 3. Setting up accounts using false names or trolling the system 4. User failing to enter their legal first and last name. 5. Failure to reply to our support emails 6. Bad spots 7. Failure to respond when a spot is under review. 8. Bouncing emails 9. Under age users (Must be 13 years of age or older) We have simple policies. Users need to check their in-box when their account status has suddenly changed or contact us ASAP. We urge all users to contact if the status of their account has changed or they find they have been suspended. We will reply with the reasons. All users are asked to go to account settings to recheck and verify the email address they have on file with us is current. Staff @
    • Suspended - UP 9741 CNW Patched - Unit is stored
  • 2017.01.07
    • Removed UP 6201 & 6218 (SP Patched) - Repainted into UP Colors
    • Removed UP #'s 6148, 6190, 6194, 6210, 6220, 6222, 6223, 6226, 6227, 6242, 6250, 6260, 6268, 6294, 6332, 6369, 6381, 6393, 6407, 1481, & 1484 (SP Patched) - All now repainted into UP Colors
  • 2016.12.31
    • Removed UP 6361 (SP Patched) - Repainted into UP Colors
    • Added BNSF 3147 - BN Patched
    • Added - BNSF Blue Bonnet's 1614, 2128, & 2857
    • Restored Reporting on CSXT 602 - Unit is reported active again
    • Restored Reporting on BCOL 4617, BCOL 4611, & BCOL 4603 - Unit's are reported active again
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet's 736, 726, & 747
    • Removed UP 6322 & 6181 (SP Patched) - Repainted into UP Colors
    • Added BNSF 2760 - BN Patched
  • 2016.12.29
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet 781
  • 2016.12.24
    • The entire staff here at wish everyone Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, & Happy New Year...
  • 2016.12.21
    • Restored Reporting on BCOL 4604 - Unit is reported active again
  • 2016.12.20
    • Added - IC 1017 - CN - Illinois Central
    • Added - EMD Demonstrator - EMDX 1605 & EMDX 1606
    • Added - AMTK 380/382 Quincy, IL to Chicago, IL & AMTK 381/383 Chicago, IL to Quincy, IL in train database
  • 2016.12.17
    • The temporary renumbering of NKP765 to NKP767 by Ft. Wayne Railroad Historical Society has ended. The unit is now reportable as NKP765 again..
  • 2016.12.16
    • NS4003 & NS4005 "DC to AC Conversion" Unit - Now available for tracking
  • 2016.12.10
    • Restored Reporting on BCOL 4602 - Unit is reported active again
  • 2016.12.09
    • Added - IC 1020 - CN - Illinois Central
    • Added NS4003 "DC to AC Conversion" Unit - Currently out of the paint shop but not released to regular service yet. Reporting is suspended until that time.
    • Added NS4005 "DC to AC Conversion" Unit - Currently out of the paint shop but not released to regular service yet. Reporting is suspended until that time.
  • 2016.12.06
    • Added CSXT 5327 - Western Maryland Railroad Emblem
    • Added - BNSF Blue Bonnet #102
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet's 786, 758, 764, 750, & 718
    • Removed UP 6346, UP 6348, & UP 6373 (SP Patched) - Repainted into UP Colors
    • Removed IC 1009 (CN - Illinois Central) - Repainted to CN Colors
  • 2016.12.01
    • The December 2016 Update & Photo of the Month has been posted to our HeritageUnits Facebook page. Please visit: HeritageUnits Facebook

  • 2016.11.23
    • The staff at would like to take this time to wish all of our users & visitors a very happy and safe Thanksgiving Holiday.
  • 2016.11.21
    • Added - CSXT7670 - "Monon Railroad" Emblem
    • Added - CSXT4384 - "Clinchfield Railroad" Emblem
    • AMTK #707 - Phase III - "Empire Service"
  • 2016.11.16
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #782
  • 2016.11.14
    • Released BCOL 4625 - Out of storage and now reportable.
    • Added - EMDX 1607 & EMDX 1608 - EMD Demonstrator (UP Paint)
    • Added - IC 3140 - CN - Illinois Central
    • Added - BNSF 5815 - NextFuel LNG Unit
  • 2016.11.13
    • Added - INRD4005 Veterans Unit
  • 2016.11.09
    • Added CM&Q 9017 - Bangor & Aroostook Paint
  • 2016.11.05
    • Removed UP #6716 (CNW Patched) - Repainted to UP colors
  • 2016.11.04
    • Added - BNSF - BN Patched #1451 & #2831
    • Added - BNSF Blue Bonnet's #1647, #2198, & #2843
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #4706
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet's #708, #744, 755, & 794
    • Added - IC 3138 - CN - Illinois Central
    • Added - NS 7334, NS 7336, NS 7337, & NS 7338 - INRD - Indiana Railroad - Patched (Note: Limited activation until units are repainted)
  • 2016.11.01
    • Un-Suspended UP7400 - Unit is now sporting painted Pink Ribbons.
    • Added - BNSF BN Patched #3155
    • Added - BNSF Blue Bonnet #2796
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #748
    • Added - IC 3108 - CN - Illinois Central
  • 2016.10.28
    • Suspended reporting on CSXT 5000 - Unit was Involved in a collision and is now OOS.
  • 2016.10.27
    • Please be advised, the Amtrak Autumn Express will have 3 of Amtrak's special units, so we have removed the special train listing and ask users to report the individual Amtrak Special units in the consist the same as all units we track.
  • 2016.10.25
    • If you have a question regarding anything here on HeritageUnits or you need to contact support, go to the main menu and click on "Contact Us"
  • 2016.10.18
    • The staff wants to remind users that if you wish to let everyone know you have a Youtube channel you can add the link in your Account Profile settings menu. By using this added HU feature you will have a Youtube icon attached to your user account and it will show on all your posts. The Youtube icon is a clickable hyperlink that will take users directly to your Youtube channel.
  • 2016.10.14
    • Added - IC 1010 - CN - Illinois Central
  • 2016.10.13
    • Added AMTK 90213 Downeaster (Downeaster Service)
    • Added the following train symbols - NS 39Q Hagerstown MD to Conway PA. NS 38Q Conway PA to Hagerstown, MD
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #743
    • Added - AMTK 50 - Big Game Train
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #776
    • Added AMTK 90250 Seattle Seahawks Unit (Cascades Service)
  • 2016.10.12
    • Removed - B&LE 908, & BCOL 4621 - Both repainted to CN Colors
  • 2016.10.11
    • I want to remind users that the "Notes" field has a very specific purpose. Do not use it to post your general commentary. It's to be used to note what's special or particular to the unit/move at the time you spotted the unit.. Don't post what it might do as that's speculative and we don't permit speculation of any sort. If it hasn't happened yet don't post it, we don't want to know about something that may occur..!!! We want "Now" information only. Since the staff cannot edit the note field, users have to understand that anything entered in that field that's considered speculation or personal commentary will cause us to remove the entire note. If this ends up as a re-occurring problem and we see users continuing this habit, that user runs the risk of suspension. Example of a note that would be removed.. "Not assigned, sitting in the yard. Might go north on XXX train tonight" In this case "Not assigned, sitting in the yard" would have been acceptable, however the user noted a speculative statement about the future movement. Because that speculative statement was added, the entire note has to be removed. So the bottom line is... Use the notes line carefully, and only for the specific reason it's there.. We want to know about the unit being spotted, not your personal comments and no speculation.... Mr. Stephen J. Nordahl, Site Manager
  • 2016.10.07
    • Added - IC 1019 - CN - Illinois Central
    • Added - IC 1021 - CN - Illinois Central
  • 2016.10.03
    • Added a custom Gecode location -Juniata Locomotive Shop - Altoona, Pa. (Near the turntable)
    • Revised the the Geocode location for "Altoona, PA (Horseshoe Curve)" in Altoona, Pa.. It will now correctly geocode the location and place the marker in the exact center of the the curve.
  • 2016.10.01
    • The October 2016 Update & Photo of the Month has been posted to our HeritageUnits Facebook page. Please visit: HeritageUnits Facebook

  • 2016.09.29
    • Staff wants to remind all users that if you see a unit that we list has been repainted or the status of the unit has significantly changed, don't post a spot to the main HU site. Contact us immediately by email at so we can either remove the unit or suspend reporting on it.
  • 2016.09.28
    • Added - IC 1033 - CN - Illinois Central
  • 2016.09.24
    • Added Hancock, WV as a custom Geocode location.
  • 2016.09.23
    • Removed AMTK #515 - Repainted into Phase V
  • 2016.09.19
    • The staff wants to remind users to periodically check your personal photo album using the main menu here on the HeritageUnits site for images that may not have been approved. To do so, go to menu, settings, then click on "Photos" in the dark gray banner. In the status selector click on each of the pull down items in the selector to check for "Approved" photos or those that have been "Denied", "Need Attention", or still "Awaiting Approval". Either fix and resubmit, or simply delete images that have been rejected. By clearing these out, the number of photos a user can effectively submit will also increase. (Premium User - Unlimited & Basic User - 10 max)
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #660
    • (Edited) Removed - UP 8646 & UP 8701 (C&NW Paint) - Both have been placed in extended storage at the Illinois Railroad Museum
  • 2016.09.18
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #648
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #4710
    • Suspended Reporting on EMDX #1502 & #1503 - Reported to be OOS/Storage
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #734
    • Removed UP #343 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #791
  • 2016.09.17
    • Suspended reporting on AMTK515. - Unit has been reported to be in Beech Grove for repainting.
  • 2016.09.15
    • NS4002 & NS4004 released for tracking.
  • 2016.09.14
    • Added - IC 1024 - CN - Illinois Central
  • 2016.09.12
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #4714
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #162
    • Removed UP #6400 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors
  • 2016.09.10
    • Removed UP #6721 (CNW Patched) - Repainted to UP colors
    • Removed BNSF #2075 (Pacific Pride) - Repainted to BNSF Colors
  • 2016.09.09
    • Removed AMTK #189 "Big Game Train" unit - Lettering has been painted over
    • Removed UP #1081 (D&RGW Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors
    • We are seeing reports that AMTK #189 "Big Game Train" unit's right side lettering has been painted over. However we have no confirmation if both sides have been done. We'd like users to keep and eye out and let us know at
    • Removed UP #6240 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors
  • 2016.09.05
    • Suspended Reporting on the BNSF 4723 Microsoft Train Simulator Unit - Currently in Storage
  • 2016.09.03
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #4707
  • 2016.09.02
    • Added NS4002 "DC to AC Conversion" Unit - Currently out of the paint shop but not released to regular service yet. Reporting is suspended until that time.
  • 2016.09.01
    • The September 2016 Update & Photo of the Month has been posted to our HeritageUnits Facebook page. Please visit: HeritageUnits Facebook

    • Removed UP #6221 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors
  • 2016.08.30
    • Removed UP7964 (5000th GEVO commemorative unit) - No longer has decals
  • 2016.08.26
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #701
  • 2016.08.23
    • Added - IC 1011 - CN - Illinois Central
  • 2016.08.21
    • Added - IC 1001 - CN - Illinois Central
  • 2016.08.19
    • Temporarily Renumbered - NKP765 to NKP767 per announcement from Ft. Wayne Railroad Historical Society.
    • Added WNY&P 430 - Honoring Law Enforcement
  • 2016.08.18
    • Added AMTK #701 - Phase III - "Empire Service"
    • Added NS4004 "DC to AC Conversion" Unit - Currently out of the paint shop but not released to regular service yet. Reporting is suspended until that time.
  • 2016.08.16
    • Removed UP #6289 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors
    • Removed UP #6726 (CNW Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors
  • 2016.08.15
    • Removed UPY 1434 (SP Patched) - Unit has been auctioned off
    • Staff request. Last week, we suspended reporting on the UP 7964 (5000th GEVO commemorative unit) Staff would appreciate if someone could confirm that the unit still has a decal on the right side of the unit. Reports indicate the left side nose decal only was removed for some kind of repair and repaint. We'd appreciate seeing photo proof before we make it active again. Contact us via
    • Removed UP #6241 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors
    • Removed NS #35 - Geometry Unit - Unit was added to site by error. (ex/passenger coach with special geometry equipment)
  • 2016.08.13
    • AMTK 90221 Veterans Unit - Now available for tracking. (Note We are aware of at lease a half dozen unofficial images of this unit. I want to remind users that image submissions will be closely watched for unauthorized pre-release photos. Any user submitting unofficial photos runs the risk of suspension.)
  • 2016.08.10
    • Suspended Reporting on the UP 7964 (5000th GEVO commemorative unit) Decal has been removed
  • 2016.08.07
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #720
  • 2016.08.06
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #738
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #723
  • 2016.08.04
    • Added - IC 1036 - CN - Illinois Central
    • Added - IC 1003 - CN - Illinois Central
    • Added - IC 1038 - CN - Illinois Central
    • Added - IC 1025 - CN - Illinois Central
    • Added - IC #1018 & #1034 - Illinois Central
    • Added - IC #3107 - Illinois Central
  • 2016.07.31
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #677
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #106
  • 2016.07.29
    • Added - WL&E #107 - AC&Y Heritage Paint
  • 2016.07.28
    • iOS Ver 1.3 is now available for download from the Apple store.. !!!
    • Added BNSF Patched Burlington Northern - #1448
    • Suspended Reporting on the following BCOL Units: Stored: 4601, 4607, 4609, 4611, 4617, 4626, 4602, 4603, 4604, 4606, 4613, 4618, 4625, 4616, & 4621, 4623.
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #678
  • 2016.07.27
    • We've discovered a bug in the iOS app with regard to how users report a unit's leading/non-leading status. We expect to push out an update as soon as possible.
  • 2016.07.25
    • Added BNSF Patched #193 Blue Bonnet
    • Added BNSF Patched Burlington Northern - #3150
    • Removed UP #6167, #6177, #6313. #6263, & #6390 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors
    • Added EMDX 1603 & EMDX 1604 - EMD Demonstrators in BNSF Paint
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #512, #554, #636, #670, #671, & #679
  • 2016.07.17
    • Added - WL&E #6348 - WE Patched Smurf
  • 2016.07.16
    • Removed NPBL #5260 - Due to the fact it has a poor spot history over the 2-1/2 years on the site, the unit has not really gone anywhere.
  • 2016.07.14
    • Removed UP 6189 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #779
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #729
    • Added - GTW #5936 - GTW Paint
    • Removed UP 6217 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors
    • Added - BNSF War Bonnet #715
    • Added BNSF Patched #2771 Blue Bonnet
    • Suspended reporting on CB&Q #9911 - Stored Museum Piece
    • Restored reporting on SOO #6044 - Out of storage and active again
    • Removed UP 6169 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors
    • Added BNSF Patched #3038 Blue Bonnet
  • 2016.07.13
    • Added AMTK 90221 Veterans Unit - (Not currently available for tracking, awaiting confirmation that it's in service)
  • 2016.07.06
    • Removed UP 6303 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors
    • Added BNSF Patched War Bonnet - #664
  • 2016.07.05
    • Added IC #6202, IC #6203, & IC #6204 - Illinois Central - Un-Patched - "OLS Unit"
    • Added BNSF Patched Burlington Northern - #2720
  • 2016.07.03
    • Added IC #1027 - Illinois Central - Un-Patched
  • 2016.07.01
    • Added BNSF Patched War Bonnet - #555 & BNSF War Bonnet #732
    • Removed UP 6301 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors
    • Added BNSF War Bonnet - #282
  • 2016.06.30
    • Removed UP 6231 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors
  • 2016.06.29
    • Added BNSF Patched Burlington Northern - #2286
    • Added BNSF Patched War Bonnet - #519
    • Added IC #1005 - Illinios Central - Un-Patched
  • 2016.06.28
    • Added BNSF Patched War Bonnet - #699
    • Added BNSF Patched War Bonnet - #556
    • Added BNSF Patched War Bonnet - #242
    • Added BNSF Patched War Bonnet - #626
  • 2016.06.27
    • Added Elgin Joliet and Eastern (EJE) #667 & #669
  • 2016.06.26
    • Added CN "Zebra Gray" GTW - #5942
  • 2016.06.25
    • Added BNSF Patched Burlington Northern - #2926
    • Added BNSF Patched Burlington Northern - #'s 1429, 1444, 1662, 9657, & #9688
    • Added BNSF Patched "Smurf" #2049
  • 2016.06.24
    • Removed UP 6409 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors
    • Added BNSF Patched "Smurf" ex GATX - #2043
    • Added BNSF Patched Burlington Northern - #'s 2809 & #3155
    • Added BNSF Patched #166 & #2952 (Blue Bonnet)
    • Added BNSF Patched War Bonnet - #520
    • For up-to-date tips, hints, and other site happenings please visit our Facebook page. We want all our users to regularly stop by and see what's new. Visit: HeritageUnits Facebook Page

      Users can also follow us on Twitter: HeritageUnits Twitter Page
    • Added BNSF Patched War Bonnet - #696
  • 2016.06.23
    • Added BNSF Patched War Bonnet - #689
    • Removed UP 6193 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors
    • Added BNSF Patched War Bonnet - #646
    • Added BNSF Patched War Bonnet - #'s 647 & 661
    • Added IC #1009 & #1015 - Illinios Central - Un-Patched
    • Added BNSF Patched #171, 182, & 572 (Blue Bonnet)
    • Added BNSF Patched #3039 (Blue Bonnet)
    • Added BNSF Patched War Bonnet - #'s 543 & 657
    • Added GMTX9000 - A very unique Providence & Worsester (owned) unit with both P&W & VRS Heralds
    • Added BNSF Patched War Bonnet - #'s 637.
    • Added IC #1000 - Illinios Central - Un-Patched
    • Added BNSF Patched #3169 (Blue Bonnet)
    • Added BNSF Patched War Bonnet's - #'s 642, 662, 688, & 692.
    • The staff here at HeritageUnits have made the decision to curtail the main site feed which reposted of all spots on to our Facebook page. The Twitter feed however, will remain active. We feel many users were simply turning off notifications which was causing them to miss our important/critical updates. Our goal is to make this page more interactive and make the HU FB page the place to get more in depth up to date information. Sometime today the re-posting of spots will cease and the page will revert to updates and user input. We want to remind users that the main site will still be the location to post sightings and photos, our Facebook page will be where we share information, it's also where users can post questions and other issues outside of the main site. Even if you do not have a Facebook page, we will continue to post updates here on our main site. Users can still contact us with questions or concerns at
  • 2016.06.18
    • Added EMDX 1609 & EMDX 1610 - EMD Demonstrators in UP Paint
    • Removed UP 6282 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors
  • 2016.06.17
    • Added UP 1124 - (SP Patched) to active tracking
    • Removed GTW4905 - painted to CN colors
  • 2016.06.16
    • Removed SP 319 - Repainted to UP Colors
  • 2016.06.14
    • The Heritage units currently being assigned around the Bluefield/Landgraff area are "Helpers" NOT DPUs. Also please check that you are posting the correct direction of travel. Please post your sightings accordingly. Staff @ HU
  • 2016.06.09
    • Removed MMID2060 Due to limited territory and local uses only.
  • 2016.06.05
    • Version 1.1 of our iOS Phone/iPad is now available. Resolves an issue when viewing a report. The destination field was displaying the direction.
  • 2016.06.04
    • Discovered a bug thanks to many folks using the iOS app. When viewing a report the "destination" field is showing the "direction" value. We have an update already uploaded to Apple store and we're just awaiting approval before it pushes out.
    • We've now added links on the main site menu so that users can access either of the two mobile app locations for downloads. Android or iOS..
  • 2016.06.03
    • Removed SP 352 - Now repainted to UP Colors
  • 2016.06.02
    • HeritageUnits iOS Update...!!! Our new HeritageUnits iOS Phone/iPad app is now available in the Apple Store..!!!! Just search "HeritageUnits". Enjoy the app and please contact us if you experience any problems.. Steve, Site Manager
  • 2016.05.21
    • Removed SP 309 & SP 335 - Now repainted and renumbered to UP Colors - Thanks multiple sources
  • 2016.05.18
    • Removed NS 3170 - Retired, and now owned by the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum
  • 2016.05.17
    • Users who've added a Youtube channel to their profile will now show a "Clickable" Youtube icon in any spots or photos they've submitted. Clicking on the icon will take a viewer to that users Youtube channel.
  • 2016.05.13
    • We've posted an iPhone app update on our HeritageUnits Facebook page. App is now 95% complete. Beta in about a week..!!
  • 2016.05.07
    • Removed AMTK 516 - Repainted
  • 2016.05.06
    • Added CSXT 616 - CSXT SAL Emblem - Thanks A. Williams
    • Removed AMTK 519 - Repainted
  • 2016.05.04
    • Added WSOR 3928 - 35th Anniversary - Thanks L. Frey
  • 2016.05.03
    • Added - JESX - James E. Strates Circus train - Special Trains
  • 2016.05.01
    • I urge all our users to read this month's Facebook post. We've included many important tips on how to properly use our site.. May 2016 Facebook Post
  • 2016.04.30
    • Suspended reporting on DME #6200 - Stored & Removed DME #6093
    • Suspended reporting on AMTK #66 - Needs extensive repairs
  • 2016.04.28
    • Added AMTK #710 - Phase III - "Empire Service" - Thanks B. Vine
  • 2016.04.25
    • Removed UP 6345 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors - B. Burton
  • 2016.04.23
    • Updated the geocoding system - Reybold, De. will now show location correctly.
  • 2016.04.18
    • Removed UP 6703 (CNW Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors - Thanks R. Drake
  • 2016.04.13
    • Removed NS 4611 (TransCAER) - Retired for rebuild into a GP59ECO
  • 2016.04.12
    • Removed UP 6258 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors - K. Tidwell
    • Removed UP 6212 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors
    • Removed NS 5262 (OLS) - Repainted to NS Colors
  • 2016.04.11
    • Added CSXT 2702 - Spirit of Atlanta/Franklin M . Garrett - Thanks Joey C.
  • 2016.04.10
    • Restored UP 6250 (SP Patched) to active tracking - Erroneously reported to have been repainted to UP colors
  • 2016.04.08
    • Modified SSW #9642 (Cotton Belt Paint) - Now SSW UP Patched #1142 - Thanks C. Allen
  • 2016.04.06
    • Removed UP 6202, 6225 & 6157 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors
  • 2016.03.31
    • Removed UP 6205 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors - D. Hanna
    • Suspended Reporting on CSXT 4500 - Transferred to Paducah & Louisville - Current status "Unknown"
    • Removed NS 4629 (OLS) - Now Stored for Rebuild - M. Scott
    • Modified W&LE 6384 - NMRA Logos Removed - M. Arnold
    • Removed UP 6152 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors - Z. Reno
    • Removed UP 6304 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors - Z. Reno
  • 2016.03.14
    • CSXT 366 Suspended from Reporting - Serious damage from fire.
  • 2016.03.13
    • Removed NS 3503 (Operation Lifesaver (New) - Repainted to NS
  • 2016.03.10
    • Removed NS 4633 (Operation Lifesaver - Unit is retired - Thanks M. Scott, Z. Reno & A. Church
  • 2016.03.09
    • Removed NS 3502 (Operation Lifesaver (New) - New Cab and Repainted to horsehead paint - Thanks Zachary Reno
  • 2016.03.08
    • Added CSXT 3010 - CSXT Gainesville Midland Emblem - Thanks Dylan Leonard
  • 2016.03.06
    • Removed UP 6179 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP Colors - Thanks Greg S.
  • 2016.03.01
    • Added UP 6721 - CNW Patched - Thanks C. Spannagle
  • 2016.02.24
    • Added the ability to filter photos within a date range
  • 2016.02.23
    • Removed NS 4641 (OLS) - Retired - Thanks M. Luebeck / Z. Reno
  • 2016.02.21
    • Removed UP 6325 (SP Patched) - Been repainted to UP colors - Thanks S. Rosas
  • 2016.02.18
    • Added AMTK 90368 (NPCU) - Phase III - Thanks C. Reynolds.
      Removed SOO2066 - After rebuilding @ NRE Silvis, this was sandblasted early this month and is in the painting process. - Thanks E Weisensel
    • Published another Android update (v2.2). - Resolved an issue within the notification feature where users would receive a false positive message stating they needed to login again. Many thanks for everyone working together to polish off the app!
  • 2016.02.15
    • Added NS 3499 - Operation Lifesaver - Thanks C. Bean
  • 2016.02.14
    • Pushed out another small patch for the Android app. Some users where experiencing an app crash during the initial start. A fixed version should start pushing out via the Play store under version "2.1". Many thanks to the users experiencing the problem and reporting it via Google. This provided me with all the information needed so I could quickly resolve it.
    • Added WC 3014 (Wisconsin Central Paint) - Thanks to many for this one!
      Added DM&E locomotives - Thanks to many for these also. Be reviewing the IC&E and IC locomotives for future additions.
      Removed DME 3830-3835 / 6050-6055 as they had been sold to RCPE in June 14'. - Thanks M. Luebeck
    • Removed NS 4610 - OLS as it's been retired - Thanks Jake.
  • 2016.02.13
    • Pushing out an updated Android app which should become available by on Google Play tomorrow / Monday. Below are the notes.

      Resolved issues with security where the device would require you to log back in. Issue was related to security tokens prematurely expiring. Should also resolve issues with notifications suddenly stopping. Note... may be required to re-login after the upgrade to initialize the security settings properly.

      Please contact support if you experience any issues. There is also a built in Google reporting service that will send us debug information. If you receive any errors please report them as they will pin point any issues. Just a general note for any mobile apps (helps your developer fix things faster =P).
  • 2016.02.12
    • Removed UP 6291 - Repainted to UP colors - Thanks S. Rosas
  • 2016.02.09
    • Added BC Rail units - Thanks Evan H.
  • 2016.02.08
    • Added the B&LE roster still in orange - Thanks M. Delsander site link
  • 2016.02.07
    • Removed UP6347 as it was spotted in UP colors - Thanks Cole
  • 2016.02.01
    • Resolved an issue with YouTube linking. Previously you would have to enter in your handle. Now we allow you to copy/paste the full URL to your YouTube profile or custom channel. - Thanks C. Bean.
  • 2016.01.30
    • Resolved an issue where duplicate results could return during geocoding.
  • 2016.01.29
    • Added UP 6720 (CNW Patched) - Thanks Z. Bovitz
  • 2016.01.27
  • 2016.01.25
    • Removed IC 2461 (Blue Devil) - Repainted to CN colors - Thanks Evan
      Removed UP 6279 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP colors - Thanks J. Larson
  • 2016.01.24
    • Removed UP 6197 (SP Patched) - Repainted to UP colors - Thanks C. Unlimite
      Added UP 6374 (SP Patched) - Thanks Z. Bovitz
  • 2016.01.21
    • We've written code where a partnering site can display custom views of the map on their website (this is still very much in a "beta" phase). Our philosophy is to help all railfans out there work together and share information and do it at the smallest cost possible. You can see this new remote map demonstrated on our fellow railfans site of at GTW Tracker.

      We hope to add more options to this in the future and also open this up where other site owners can incorporate custom views within their sites.
  • 2016.01.20
    • Removed IC2458 (Blue Devil) - Repainted to CN colors - Thanks B. Linton
  • 2016.01.18
    • Added GTW4909 - Thanks S. Dickenson
  • 2016.01.17
    • Removed UP6413 (SP paint) as its been repainted - Thanks J. Samolewicz
      Resolved a temporary geocoding issue with the Android native app.
  • 2016.01.16
    • There was a report recently about DME 6359 being scrapped. A more recent report has told us that it is in long term storage in Winnipeg. We're going to leave the unit off the site until we receive word that it's no longer in storage.
  • 2016.01.15
    • Added CN 2113 (15th Anniversary) - Thanks C. Holzer / D. Patch
  • 2016.01.14
    • Resolved a bug when viewing a report on the web page displayed the wrong timezone (if not logged in).
  • 2016.01.12
    • Remove UP6186 - SP Patched - Repainted to UP colors - Thanks T. Collins
  • 2016.01.11
    • Removed SOO 4444, 4431, 4443 and 4445 as they've been repainted to CP. Thanks E. Rasmussen
  • 2016.01.10
    • Created a new category "Amtrak Empire Service" under special interest and move AMTK704 there.
  • 2016.01.08
    • Added - WE102 (Operation Lifesaver) - Thanks S. Kamph
      Removed - SSW9647 - Repainted to UP1117 - Thanks S. Cotton
      iPhone/iPad development still in progress (hopefully by Q2 16')
    • Added AMTK 704 - Phase III - Was spotted in Chicago in fresh paint with a blue circle logo on the side that states "Empire Service".
  • 2016.01.07
    • Removed UP6275 (SP Patched) - Been repainted - Thanks A. Broyles
  • 2016.01.05
    • Removed DME6359 (Mount Rushmore) - Been scrapped in Winnepeg - Thanks J. Larson
  • 2016.01.04
    • Added MMID 2060 (Last in Maryland Midland Paint) - Thanks D. Butler
  • 2016.01.01
    • Added 27 missing GTW Paint Units - Thanks M. Luebeck!

      A very hidden feature on is the ability to show the route of a "known" train. Our system's database...

      Posted by Heritage Units on Friday, January 1, 2016
  • 2015.12.31
    • Total revamp of "favorites". Favorites can now run in one of 3 modes (By Category, By Railroad or Custom List). Category and Railroad are more automatic; thus when we add new locomotives to the selected items you choose they will automatically add to your favorite list. Custom on the other hand is completely manual setup and you have total control over it but with that; more maintenance for you. We recommend using by Category or Railroad over custom.
      The "Favorites" tab on the right hand side has been moved to the "Filter" drop down. This was done as your filter selection will persist on the browser you're using. Thus there is no need to always keep setting it; every time you visit the site the content will display on your favorites. This has been requested for a very long time. Note deleting cookies will obviously reset this back to defaults.
      Added GTW 4932 / 5831 - Thanks D. Dowen
      Removed SOO 4434 > repainted as CP 4434 - Thanks J. Larson
      Added GTW 5936 - Thanks K. McFetters
    • Added GTW4623 / GTW4920 - Thanks J. Bryson
      Added GTW4918, 4921, 4933, 5814, 5823, 5832, 5847, 5848, 5852, 5860 and 6222 - Thanks G. Welsh
      Added GTW4622 - Thanks D. Boothroyd
      Added UP1051 - SP Patched - Thanks S. Rosas
      Removed UP6175 as it's been repainted - Thanks C. Boyer
      NS4000 and 4001 can now be reported as they should be leaving tonight
  • 2015.12.28
    • Added NS4000/4001 "DC to AC Conversion" units to the site - Thanks to many! Reporting of the locomotives are suspended until they are released from the shop. When this occurs please contact us asap!
  • 2015.12.26
    • Removed UP6171 (repainted to UP colors)
  • 2015.12.24
    • Added GTW 5818,5820,5822,5828,5830,5840 - Thanks Z. Hutchinson
      Added UP 6294 (SP Patched) - Thanks D. Fulton & R. Tidaback
      Added UP 6736 (Operation Lifesaver) - Thanks M. Velazquez
    • I hope to start reviewing many support emails I've received in the past week. My apologies for the delay (been very sick).

      Brian =)
  • 2015.12.19
    • Removed UP 8174 (Big Red Express). Sticker was removed a while back. Thanks S. Thibodeaux
      Removed "Amtrak" live view from the site. Finally wrapped a little more security around their API so guys like myself can not easily pluck it out.
  • 2015.12.18
    • Added UP 8174 (Big Red Express) - Thanks to M. Harris
      Updated DMIR403 from SD38-2 to SD40-3
      Resolved an issue a few days back where the default timezone for users not logged in would was flipping back to Arizona.
      You can now view your reporting history via "Settings/History"
      Updated the user terms to include notes about the AutoComplete feature
      Apologies for some delays on emails... was ill the past few days... =(
  • 2015.12.15
    • We had added NS4000 this morning but took it down after NS removed it's official photo from their FB page. We'll enable the unit again once we know more.
  • 2015.12.12
    • Added BNSF 2075 - Pacific Pride (Thanks G. McGinley)
      Updated terms of service
      • Updated :"Your login may only be used by one person – a single login shared by multiple people is not permitted. You may create separate logins for as many people as you'd like. " to "Your login may only be used by one person – a single login shared by multiple people is not permitted."
      • Updated: "You are responsible for all content posted and activity that occurs under your account (even when content is posted by others who have accounts under your account)" to "You are responsible for all content posted and activity that occurs under your account (even when content is posted by others)"
      • Added: You must not post information that is deliberately false or misleading to other users. In the event that you determine that information you have posted is incorrect, it is your obligation to remove said information by self-reporting it as bad to the site. Site management may also remove postings that it determines to be false or misleading. In such cases, site management may conduct investigations as to the cause for falsehood, but will have sole discretion to determine if information was deliberately false, which may result in suspension or termination of accounts. Accounts that repeatedly post false or misleading information may also be subject to disciplinary action even if such falsehoods are not determined to be deliberate actions (obtained incorrect information from other sources, misread engine numbers, etc.).
      • Added: If you believe your account has been hacked or otherwise compromised; should contact site management immediately
  • 2015.12.10
    • Tweaks to the home page (desktop view)
      Now can quickly filter the map by category or railroad. Thus if you want to always look for Heritage Units or just SOO units when you visit the site you can set this filter. Will cookie your browser so it will persist when returning to the site.
      Replaced "Show Amtrak" with logo
      Replaced "Show Track" with logo
      Moved refreshed time to the far right and only show the time vs the date/time for spacing
      Added IC2463 - Blue Devil - Thanks A. Williams
      Added UP SP Patched List - Thanks J. Rice
      Removed SP177, SP266 as both are being repainted
  • 2015.12.08
    • Added NS4660/NS4659 as NS OLS units and renamed the NS OLS units with the new scheme of OLS paint from "Operation Lifesaver" to "Operation Lifesaver (new)" (Thanks M. Lingenfelter)
      Added CN Blue Devils
  • 2015.12.07
    • Desktop view of the home page will now only list reports below the map that are within 2 weeks. Previously listed all regardless of age. Will result in faster page load times.
  • 2015.12.06
    • Released an Android update (1.8)
      When selecting a locomotive (reporting screen); you can filter by the railroad to find the locomotive faster.
      Resolved issue where pre-fill feature was not working.
  • 2015.12.04
    • Updated the reporting screen (mobile web version) so selecting locomotives is no longer a drop down but actually a pop up with a railroad filter. This is to allow you to quickly find a locomotive without having to scroll through hundreds of locomotives. We'll be researching to see if we can bring similar logic into the Android app.
      Added remaining SOO Paint to "Original Paint / SOO Paint" category. - Thanks to J. Nelson & W. Tippins
  • 2015.12.03
    • Added CP2246 (Christmas Train - US) and CP 2323 (Christmas Train - Canada) to special trains category (Thanks to many user for recommending)
      Added NS999 (Battery Powered) - Thanks P. Suttle
      Tweaks to sub category views
  • 2015.12.02
    • Added EMDX1501-1504 (Thanks J. Mente)
      Added CNW Patched UP 9741, UP 6726, UP 6737 (Thanks J. Rice)
      Now have the ability to receive txt messages directly to your phone. If you have a mobile carrier not listed please contact us. After setting up your phone you will need to change your delivery method from email to txt via the notify page.
  • 2015.12.01
    • Added more CNW Patched units (UP 9696, UP 9771, UP 9798) - Thanks J. Rice
      Added PRR 5711 and PRR 5809 - Thanks D. Leonard
  • 2015.11.30
    • Added NS 4657 (Thanks D. Miller)
      Added new sub category under Original Paint / "UP Patched". Anyone knowing "active" locomotives missing from the UP list please contact us. Will be adding other railroads and if you have suggestions please let us know.
      Added CSXT 5461 - Seaboard System Emblem (Thanks R. Newberry)
  • 2015.11.28
    • Added CSXT 7889 - ACL Emblem (Thanks Hunter D.)
      Added CSXT 7765 - Chessie System Sticker (Thanks Michael S.)
      Added NS 4658 / NS 4661 - OLS (Thanks John H.)
      Added NS 34, NS 35, NS 38 (Thanks to many folks!)
  • 2015.11.27
    • Added sub categories to facilitate additional locomotives. Added all NS Operation Lifesaver units under "Special Interest \ NS Operation Lifesaver".

      Lowered the web site premium fee from $1 per month to $0.50 per month (subscriptions through Android app will remain $1 per month because of Google's fee structure). Recommend purchasing via the website and then using the Android app.
  • 2015.11.25
    • Removed SP187 as it's been repainted to UP colors
  • 2015.11.20
    • Added NS5642 (Training First Responders)
  • 2015.11.06
    • Last night I released the Android native app to the Google Play store. If you run into any bugs or recommendations please contact me to let me know. Ads are enabled on the app for free users. This is needed to help fund the site as enabling mobile apps is going double the load on our servers so we'll need to upgrade it in the future. Premium users can have access to notification feature where you can have your phone notify you when a locomotive is near by. Because this is an automatic job has a substantial load on the server and thus why it's a premium feature.

      We recommend upgrading your subscription via the web site. We're required by Google to utilize Google Pay for any subscription payments. They also auto renew so if you would like to manually renew please upgrade via the site.

      Once the Android app stabilizes; I'll be researching writing an iOS app.
  • 2015.10.26
    • There was issues over weekend with a patch and delivery of email notifications. Everything should be back to normal as of noon EST.
  • 2015.10.11
    • Removed CN8103 as its been repainted to CN colors
  • 2015.09.30
    • Add NS 1700 (SD45-2 painted in Erie Lackawanna)
  • 2015.09.28
    • If we recognize a train # that you entered we'll now suggest the destination we have on file.
  • 2015.09.25
    • Removed AMTK 513 as it's been repainted
    • Added auto completion on train numbers
  • 2015.09.09
    • Added additional options for the "Visually Spotted" field (No, Yes - In Person and Yes - Via Webcam)
  • 2015.08.24
    • Removed CN8102 as it's been repainted from EMD to CN
  • 2015.08.23
    • Added the ability for users to configure a YouTube channel under their profile. Will show YouTube icon/link next to the handle when viewing a report.
      Removed MOTX6944 since it's parked away.
  • 2015.08.17
    • Removed SP107 as it's no longer in SP paint
  • 2015.08.11
    • Added CSXT 256 (SCL Emblem) under Special Interest category.

      According to CSX will release 10 similar units with emblems (link)
  • 2015.06.29
    • Discovered a bug in the notification setup where locations manually entered in didn't geocode correctly. This would result in no emails being delivered. The issue was fixed 6/28/2015 @ 5PM EST. Any records that this happened to have been manually corrected.
  • 2015.06.23
    • Discovered a bug that creating duplicate reports. All has been resolved as of 10:30PM EST
  • 2015.06.22
    • Removed CN 8100 (repainted from EMD to CN)
  • 2015.06.20
    • My apologies if anyone has received "server errors today (aka error 500)." I've dropped in about a dozen patches and each time a patch is dropped the server needs to recompile the code for 2-5 mins.
    • Upgraded to v4.0

      *** There will be bugs and we will continuously be updating the site throughout the weekend to fix them ***
      If you believe you have found a bug please contact us at the link above
    • General
      * Site will be focused towards mobile devices but still retain desktop look-n-feel.
      * Includes a side navigation bar which is accessible at the top left (3 bars).
      * Complete rewrite of the core of the system including the security structure to possibly facilitate native apps in the future.
      * Added General FAQ's, and revised the FAQ's for Photo submissions.
      * Some cosmetic changes to specific areas on the main page.

      Reporting Locomotives
      * City, State field has been added to replace "Location" and now requires users to enter both.
      * City, State field will now attempt to auto complete as you type.
      * Destination field will now attempt to auto complete as you type.
      * Server now recognizes when users spot more than one locomotive in a report. Any following reports the server will try to maintain that grouping so the data stays consistent. Think of the NS OCS trains where multiple units travel together.
      * If more than one locomotive is added on a spot the server will ask if any of them are leading if at all (previously would hide the leading box).

      * Icons have been updated
      * Added "Near Real-Time" view of Amtrak trains (sourced from's public tracking a train page). Currently only available on the desktop view Photos
      * Users now have the ability to notify the moderators if a photo is possibly bad/stolen.
      * Editing photo pages has been refreshed

      * Detail page per locomotive displays graph of reporting history
      * Can now page all the back in time to the first report of the locomotive
      * Can map the locomotives movement up to 30 days (was previously 3 days only)

      * Now have the ability to update a train #, destination and direction of spots. Any modifications by HU staff will be flagged on the report.
  • 2015.05.17
    • Added Amtrak 642 (ACS-64) Veterans
  • 2015.05.12
    • Deleted Amtrak 509 as it's been repainted
  • 2015.05.10
    • Removed SP192
    • Added NS911 Honoring First Responders
  • 2015.05.07
    • To all users HeritageUnits is already aware of the new NS #911. We will be adding it to the site shortly. However, active tracking will be inhibited initially until the unit is released and placed into active service. TBD.. HU Staff..
  • 2015.03.19
    • Removed AMTK 512. Repainted into Phase V
  • 2015.03.16
    • Removed CSXT4590 (Spirit of Benning); traded to NS
  • 2015.02.23
    • Removed SP144. Received UP Armor Yellow paint. Thanks Chris D. for the information
  • 2015.02.12
    • Added IAIS516
  • 2015.01.23
    • Added AMTK 509, 515, 516, 519
  • 2014.11.17
    • Removed FEC 703, 713, 714 due to inactivity and that the paint scheme is becoming is being used more widely on other locomotives.
  • 2014.11.12
    • We've discovered a bug that was causing an error after saving spot. This bug didn't stop the saving of the spot but did display an error afterward. We're working on a fix and should have it applied shortly. We'll keep an eye on things over the next couple days.

      Brian - Founder / Developer
  • 2014.11.08
    • Last night our email notification job was running sluggish and that caused it to send out duplicate emails. I believe I've found the source of problem and will be keeping an eye on things over the next day. My apologies if you received any of these dups.

      Brian - Founder / Developer
  • 2014.10.17
    • No longer will send notifications out for duplicate entries (spotting the unit in the same location, train, direction, etc)
  • 2014.10.12
    • Added CSXT 9969 (Geometry train unit). picture
  • 2014.09.29
    • Added CN2115 (15th anniversary)
    • Added W&LE 200 (Ohio Bicentennial)
    • Removed UP3300 (repainted into Armour Yellow and renumbered to UP1878)
  • 2014.09.10
    • Over the past 3 months we've been migrating away from the domain name "". This was a mobile version of the site. With the past major release in May, when you hit with a mobile device that will display the mobile version. Thus is no longer needed. This saves on cost and makes the site easier to update. Summary... update your bookmarks to

      Brian =) - Founder / Developer
  • 2014.08.31
    • Added SOU4501 (Steam 2-8-2 Mikado).
  • 2014.08.21
    • Added CN8100/CN8101 (EMD Paint)
  • 2014.08.18
    • Facebook feed is backup an running again!

      Brian =)
  • 2014.08.16
    • Prefill feature on the site will no longer bring over the "notes" field.
  • 2014.08.14
    • At 10AM EST we had a small blurb in the notifications where it possibly sent duplicates out for the same report. We've dropped in a patch to hopefully resolve this. We'll be keeping an eye on things over the next week.

      Brian =)
  • 2014.08.13
    • Notifications where disabled this morning as a patch was dropped in. We're adding "Destination" to the email list. We'll be adding more functionality to the notifications in the upcoming future. Brian =)
  • 2014.08.01
    • Disabled MOTX6944 notifications until it's on the move again
  • 2014.07.16
    • Added WE 302 / WE 303 (Rio Grande)
  • 2014.07.15
    • Added WE 5391 / WE 5413 (Rio Grande)
  • 2014.07.14
    • Added DMIR 215 / 403 (DMIR Paint)
    • Added SOO 2066 (Milwaukee Road)
    • Added SOO 2010 (Milwaukee Road)
    • Added CP 8876 (Vancouver Olympics)
  • 2014.07.08
    • Removed IC100/IC101 as both have been retired
    • We're going to be compiling a list of units in original paint to add to the site. Hope to be adding these slowly over the next couple weeks.
    • Removed the streamliners from the site
  • 2014.06.25
    • Reactivated the "Great Pumpkin". She has been renumbered from BNSF 8197 to BNSF 1474
  • 2014.06.12
    • On desktop version there is now a "Hide Photos" link (above map). This will hide the photos and reduce the header so more of the map will display. Currently this isn't presisted but will add that in the future.

      Dropped in tweaks to the mobile platform.

      Will be starting Android development in the next 30 days. (stay tuned)

      Brian =)
  • 2014.06.10
    • Released an updated mobile version of the site. Please report any bugs via the contact us link at the bottom of the page.
  • 2014.06.09
    • Added CSXT3099 "Spirit of West Springfield"
    • Added UP3300 "Pulling for United Way"
  • 2014.05.29
    • Hope everyone has a fun time in Spencer, NC this weekend with the streamliners! We'll be disabling all notifications on the streamliners this weekend as they'll be in one place. On Monday we'll re-enable notifications when they start the return trip home.

      Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

      Brian =)
  • 2014.05.27
    • Added EMDX 103 (FTA) to the Spencer Streamliners
  • 2014.05.20
    • Our hosting company had a little hiccup last night and so the site between midnight and 4AM today was unresponsive. All should be fixed!

      Brian =)
  • 2014.05.15
    • Removed BNSF 8197. Being rebuilt and repainted into H3
    • Added the Spencer Streamliners on Tuesday (2014.05.13)
  • 2014.05.04
    • Added WE6384
  • 2014.04.26
    • Reporting bug is fixed as of 2:10 PM EST. Sorry about that everyone!

      Brian =)
    • We have an error occurring on the desktop site where users can not submit a report. I'm working on the error and hope to have it fixed by 2:30pm EST.

      Brian =)
  • 2014.04.24
    • Fixed a bug on the report screen where it was defaulting the leading field to "no"
    • Brian =)
    • Today we released version 2.2 of We gave the site a much needed face lift, along with many other changes. One big change is that the reporting screen is moved off the home page. This is so we can facilitate more functionality during the reporting process.

      Auto complete feature when entering in a locomotive
      Preview of the last picture taken
      After a location is entered its geocoded and a pin is placed on the map next it. Thus you can validate the geocode was correct before submitting the report
      There is a new field "Visually spotted unit(s)?". This will only show on the report screens starting tomorrow and currently the mobile version doesn't have this field. So if it's a mobile spot it will not display.

      Many more things to come! Any bugs please report them at
  • 2014.03.22
    • Removed EMDX 4223 & 1207
    • Added UP6713 "C&NW Paint". May look into adding some of the SP unis
    • Added DME 6359 "Mount Rushmore"
  • 2014.03.20
    • Added NS1111. Nicknamed the "Bar Code Unit"
    • Removed FEC2000 because it was sold to EMDX
  • 2014.03.13
    • Added PAL2012 (University of Kentucky)
  • 2014.03.11
    • Added PAL2013 (Louisville Cardinals)
    • Added AMTK189 (Big Game Train)
  • 2014.03.04
    • Added NS6963 GoRail (just released from paint show)
  • 2014.02.14
    • Added NS 4611 ( TransCAER ) - GP59 to tracked locomotives

      Brian =)
  • 2014.02.11
    • All email communications with Yahoo has been restored.

      Brian =) Founder / Developer
  • 2014.02.09
    • We've discovered that is blocking all emails that contain "" within them. That means if you send and/or receive an email with to a buddy they will be blocked. I would imagine that I'll hear back from yahoo during normal business hours this week. If you would like to continue receiving notifications I would recommend changing to an alternative email like, or your ISP. Once I know more; I'll pass it along.

      Brian =) Founder / Developer
  • 2014.02.08
    • We've noticed that some of our users with "" email addresses are not receiving emails from us. We've submitted a ticket with about the issue. Initial take was was blocking our emails but we just ran a test sending from to and that email was rejected also. Appears at face value right now that yahoo is having problems.

      Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


      Technical details of permanent failure:
      Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain by [].

      The error that the other server returned was:
      554 Message not allowed - [PH01] Email not accepted for policy reasons. Please visit [120]
  • 2014.02.04
    • Added NS 3215 (2014 NMRA). Photo can be found at
  • 2014.02.03
    • Removed EMDX 1209/1210 as they are now CN 8102/8103. Thanks Matt L.

      Brian =)
  • 2014.01.29
    • Removed EMDX 1204/1205 as they are now TUGX 5308/5309. Thanks Jacob N.

      Brian =)
  • 2014.01.12
    • Removed EMDX1206/EMDX1208 as they have been sold to CN.
  • 2013.12.02
    • Turned on the CP US/Canadian Holiday trains
  • 2013.11.15
    • We've moved to our new server this morning!

      Last night around 11:30p our old server kicked the bucket again. Thankfully I had most of the server configuration migrated to the new server so I was able to get it online relatively fast this morning. We did get the old server online for a few minutes to grab the latest backup so everything is up to date.

      Email notifications, twitter and facebook feeds will be coming online within the next hour. Again, huge apologies on the outage! I'm putting in more backup guards in place to avoid this from happening.
  • 2013.11.14
    • Yesterday we had a server outage from 11/13/2013 7:30 am (EST) to 11/14/2013 3:30 am (EST). Because of the outage I've made the decision that we're going to move to a completely new and faster server. The transaction will be seamless and you shouldn't notice any difference when we do the move which should happen sometime between 11/15-11/18.

      If for any reason our server is offline please follow our Heritage Units Facebook page for updates.
  • 2013.10.21
  • 2013.10.14
    • Added CSXT 454 ( Spirit of Magnolia )
    • Added FEC 436 / FEC 425 (Race for the Cure) locomotives to the site. Click here to see a photo
  • 2013.10.06
    • Awoke this morning to many emails about the site having issues loading the map. After a quick dig around the data one record was giving the code fits. All fixed and patched to avoid that issue in the future.

      Brian =)
  • 2013.10.03
    • Added "NS 5303 (Pink Ribbon)" to the system. Details can be found on the Norfolk Southern facebook page link
  • 2013.09.11
  • 2013.08.13
    • Our DNS host has been getting hit with a DOS attack since last night. This can make appear offline when actually the server is doing great. It's just that your machine can't resolve the name "" out to our IP address. Contacted the DNS host and they are currently moving services around to help resolve this (mostly seen on the west coast). Brian =)
  • 2013.07.24
  • 2013.07.10
    • Reactivated BNSF 8197. Word is BNSF will be pulling her back into active service.
  • 2013.07.09
    • Removed CP 7312 as she's being repainted into CP red.

      Brian =)
  • 2013.07.02
    • Removed EMDX1202, EMDX1203 as they where sold to the A&M Railroad. EMDX1201 has also been sold to them but is till roaming around and likely will be removed when she arrives at the paint shop.
    • Today I added a new feature to the notify emails. In the past we would send you notifications for "all" active locomotives tracked on Now you have the ability to select "All tracked units", "Heritage Units Only", or your a custom list setup via your "Favorites" under your profile.

      Brian =)
  • 2013.06.22
    • Added CSXT 8077 "Colonel Philip Hooper" to Special Interest group
  • 2013.06.21
    • Added AMTK42 Veterans locomotive
      Removed NS5420 (Conrail Paint) - In Altoona for a rebuild into SD40E

      Brian =)
  • 2013.06.04
    • Added INRD 9025 (25th Anniversary) to the site @
    • Yesterday you "might" have experienced issues reaching the site. This is because our DNS host was under a DDoS attack.
      As of this morning everything appears to be working. Still waiting on confirmation from our DNS host (they had a busy night).

      Just note the server wasn't under attack but our DNS host was. DNS is the yellow pages of the internet and takes that pretty .com name and translates it to an IP address. DDoS attack is where malicious folks from multiple nodes (computers, programs, etc...) and software try to overload the server by doing too many look-ups all at once. So if you had the IP address you could access the site but if you tried to use the .com name the lookup was timing out because of the attack.

      Brian =)
  • 2013.05.30
    • Revamped the locomotive detail page where it now shows a map along with markers showing the past 7 days of movement. As you hover over the records on the left side the map will either bounce an existing marker on the map or add a blue one (if older than 7 days). Still needs tweaking to make it more fluid. In the future I'll make this page auto refresh so if you wish to follow a single locomotive while out chasing.

      Brian =)
  • 2013.05.28
    • We're now being a little more strict on the format of your location. Must be {city}, {state abbreviation}. This will result in better geocoding of the location.

      Brian =)
  • 2013.05.24
    • Fixed a bug where users that signed up via the mobile version got sent a bad validation email link.
  • 2013.05.22
    • Dropped in a patch today to assist spotters with assigning the correct location. In the past; if you entered in "Springfield" we would geocode it and that would return back many results. Version 1 we took the first result off the stack and that resulted in bad spots. Version 2 we required a "{city}, {state}" which yielded better results but we still had version 1 issues occurring. So now if you enter in "Springfield" you'll be prompted with a pick list (no more "auto magic" behind the scenes stuff).

      Note... If we geocode your location and only one result comes back then you won't see this box at all. I'll be making more tweaks to this over the next few days. Mobile version will soon be updated with this logic also.

      Brian =)
  • 2013.05.07
    • Removed NS5406 because its retired and slated for a rebuild
  • 2013.05.05
    • Today we've lowered the price of premium membership to a $1 per month (previous was $2). Made the decision as many users are not taking advantage of the notification feature. Existing premium users subscriptions where pushed out to reflect this change. So if you previously upgraded to a 12 month subscription @ $20 we have extended your membership 8 months out. Brian =)
    • Added "SPS 700" (Spokane Portland & Seattle) - More details at
  • 2013.05.02
    • Added "Leading" to the locomotive history page list. Thus avoiding to have to click the record to see if it's leading. Example @ . We can't add this to home screen as real estate is pretty tight right now. :)

      Working on tweaking the mobile version of the site so it's tablet friendly. When the orientation of your tablet changes to landscape more features will be viewable on the screen. This is very much a work in progress...

      Changed the common timezone drop down on the report screen (EST, CST, MST, PST) to (ET, CT, MT, PT). Thus avoid any daylight savings time confusion as my code will auto handle DST as long as your timezone is correct.

      Brian =)
  • 2013.05.01
    • Added IAIS 7081 and IAIS 6988 to the site.
  • 2013.04.30
    • Today I've added a new feature where the report screen will "prefill" the data from the last report.

      The prefill will include direction, train number, notes, leading and destination. Note that if multiple units are entered into the locomotive field; the prefill feature will be disabled. Also, prefill will only pull from locomotive spots recorded within the last 24 hours. If your reporting on a locomotive that hasn't been spotted in a week then the prefill will disable.

      The idea came to me yesterday as I was chasing the RBBX train and hated constantly entering in the same information as the train moved over 30 miles. I'll bring prefill over to the mobile version within the next day or so.
  • 2013.04.28
    • Added 3 NS SD50 Conrail painted units (NS5406, NS5420, NS5424)
  • 2013.04.25
    • The vomit bonnet (BNSF 9647) has been officially painted into H3. We'll leave her available for a couple more days to see photos in the new paint. Likely remove from the site this Sunday.
  • 2013.04.22
    • Added Milwaukee Road 261 (MILW261) since she's going to hit the road for the first time in 4 years. Read more at
  • 2013.04.18
    • Received a phone call from a HU user. They stated it doesn't look like the web site is updating.

      This is likely a result of your ISP's DNS server being slow to update since we moved the server to the cloud. Hold tight and it should resolve within 24 hours. Or... don't use your ISP's DNS server and set your DNS server on your router to google's DNS (

      Any problems or questions just let me know!

      Brian =)
    • Server update >> Moving the server to cloud based service so we can provide a higher availability. The main server and mobile sites have already been migrated over. Hopefully by the end of day we'll have notifications back online along with twitter/facebook feeds. Brian =)
  • 2013.04.16
    • Added WSOR 4030 (30th Anniversary)
  • 2013.04.09
    • Added FEC 713 (SD40-2)
  • 2013.04.04
    • Issue was related to a bad "time server". All should be fixed! :)
    • Our geocode service is currently experiencing an issue so if you receive a "401 Unauthorized" please try again later. We're currently working on a fix.
  • 2013.04.01
    • Removed BNSF 8197 from the site since she's in storage. She hits the rails again and we'll turn it back on.
  • 2013.03.31
    • Congrats to "CSXRailfan2" for winning the March 2013 Hat Contest!
  • 2013.03.25
    • Added some extra validation logic on location to help folks enter in the city, state. Some users have just been entering the city name and thus our geocode engine takes the first hit that it finds which results in a bad spot.
    • Removed EMDX2012; received word that it has been sold as an export
  • 2013.03.21
    • Added FEC 703 to the site.
  • 2013.03.08
    • Added the Red/Blue Circus trains
    • Changed our banner on top to simplify site navigation and reduced the height so more content will display on a page (avoid wasted space =P).
  • 2013.02.27
    • We added another enhancement tonight. There is now a 24 hour max limit on the number of spots a person can record.

      Our limits our reasonable based on analyzing the behavior of the 15k reports already recorded. It's likely if you hit a limit; your probably posting stuff that you haven't witnessed with your own eyes.

      Limits can be customized per user account. If your a trusted user with our staff then we can raise the limit but also the opposite can happen if we see potential abuse.

      We have more enhancements coming to help with validating spots in the near future.

      Good luck catching Heritage Units and be safe!!!
      Brian =)
  • 2013.02.23
    • We've made an update to the spotter score. The number of good spots recorded for a spotter will display next to a star. The star is based upon a good/bad ratio. The better a spotter is the star will stay gold... if they have a high error rate than the star will fade to white.
  • 2013.02.22
    • Virginia Museum of Transportation is studying the feasibility of returning the iconic Norfolk & Western Class J 611 Steam locomotive to excursion service.
  • 2013.02.20
    • Our goal is not to compete with the other fantastic facebook pages on sharing information. We just want to provide a way for you to get all the information you need so you get the chance to catch a heritage unit.

      When 'recent' spots are recorded on; we'll automatically update our twitter feed which will also end up on facebook.

      The key note is to make sure you record them at and we'll make sure they replicate outward to the social networks.

      Also note; no personal information will ever be shared on our automatic social feeds. Only locomotive code, location, time and train will be posted. If your after more detail; then head over to to view the record.

      If you believe a spot is bad please go to and report it. Good luck and be safe!
    • We're finally going "social"... we can be found on facebook @ or Twitter @

  • 2013.02.19
    • Twitter feed should now be active. We're currently only planning to post the location of heritage units at this time while bugs are worked out (no special interest). If a spot is recorded and is within 30 minutes then we'll tweet the location.
  • 2013.02.18
    • Oh snap... we're on twitter now
    • Rumor is the BNSF9647 ("Vomit Bonnet") is heading to Relco in Albia, IA for a complete repaint. If this is true; then we'll remove it from the site when she arrives in new paint. BNSF needs to get painting some Heritage Units so we have more to track. =)
  • 2013.02.12
    • Received emails from folks receiving "Google has disabled use of the Maps API for this application". After doing research; it appears Google had a small outage of a licensing server and this effected multiple servers throughout the world (including google maps). All should be fixed but if you continue to see this please clear your browser cache and try again. If it still fails please contact me at the link at the bottom of the page.
  • 2013.02.08
    • Added some performance tweaks to the data being served to the map. Previously was taking 1-3 seconds to load the data. After performance code the load time from the server is now less than 2ms. Note this is data being served to your browser. If you have a browser with a slow javascript engine (example IE9 or older) or connection issues then you might not see this gain.
  • 2013.02.06
    • Added "Rotate Photo Clockwise" button. This is only available during the pre-approved phase of a photo. This should help out with photos taken in different orientations to the locomotive.
    • I'll eat my own words on adding more CSX units... Added CSXT601 & CSXT602 and added SOU630 (steam). Removed CSXT8888 (Crazy Eights) since this locomotive appears to be stuck in storage. If she sneaks out then we'll add her back in.
  • 2013.02.04
  • 2013.02.01
    • Added the following units to the special interest. This will likely be the last of the CSX units for a while. Unless they release some heritage units (how I would love to see a unit painted Chessie again).
      • CSXT 4589 SD70 Mac Spirit of Nashville
      • CSXT 4590 SD80 Mac Spirit of Benning
      • CSXT 500 AC44CW Spirit of Grafton
      • CSXT 5107 CW44AH Thomas Rice Special
    • Still pondering over the idea of adding "patched" locomotives to the list (remaining Conrail and SP units floating around out there). Before I do this; we'll likely add some filtering to the notifications where you can select by categories what you receive emails on "Heritage Units, Special Interest, Favorites".
  • 2013.01.29
    • Added CP 3084 (Classic CP Scheme) to special interest locomotives
  • 2013.01.27
    • Pushed in a code update this morning around 9:30a EST and it broke the register page. All should be fixed now but if you still have problems please contact us at the link below.
  • 2013.01.24
    • Bug was found where notifications didn't send to free accounts. Reason... this guy... the developer forgot to take out a filter after my testing... (feel free to kick me in the knees at any train shows you meet me at =P).
  • 2013.01.22
    • If found to be falsely impersonate a user (fake logins or logging in as someone else); then this is grounds for us to contact your internet service provider where we will report the activity along with all logs. Please read your ISP agreement; as this is usually grounds for discontinuing your service.
    • Please note that if your spot is removed it's likely because of one of the following reasons (these will hurt your spotter score).
      • Wrong information (direction, train no, time)
      • Reported as an 'assumption'.
      • Foul or insulting language (will get you banned)
      • Purposely misreporting locomotive locations (will get you banned)

      If you made a mistake during a report... please click the "Report as Bad" button on the spot and let us know. Our moderators can remove the record without hurting your score
    • Fixed a bug where if multiple locomotives in the same spot are heading in the same direction the map pin would show a circle and not the direction ("East" for example). Note: If multiple locomotives are in the same spot but are heading in different directions then we display a circle (generic icon).
  • 2013.01.18
    • Notifications are now enabled. This is configured by clicking on your name on the upper right and then "notifications".
  • 2013.01.17
    • Discovered a bug with the mobile view where new users didn't receive emails to confirm their accounts. This has been fixed.
  • 2013.01.16
    • Fixed the spotter scoring. If your spot is reported as bad (example... misleading information) and our moderators have to remove it then this is marked against your score. If mistakes happen just explain this in the bad report and we'll make sure it isn't counted against you.

      Score is based on an average of a bad to good. So if your chalked up for a bad report on your second spot then don't sweat it. Because if you keep making good reports your score will level back up. Stars are based % range. 1 star = 0%-20%; 2 stars = 21%-40%, and so on.
  • 2013.01.14
    • Notifications are almost complete. We'll start beta testing later this week.
    • We're still tweaking the "Spotter Scoring". Currently folks are getting dinged up for typo's in their spots or bad geocode engine results. We'll likely be resetting many folks scores later this week when the new logic is in place.
  • 2013.01.12
    • Fixed issue where the copyright banner on images looked goofy.
    • Added a photo view counter and fixed photo viewer so image sizes correctly for lower resolution images.
  • 2013.01.10
    • Turned off the old site. If you experience any problems please contact me.
    • If you're using a modern web browser the map will center to your location (lat/lng) if you allow it (optional). This should help with quick viewing of the map.
    • After reporting a locomotive the map/results will refresh immediately after the entry is accepted (no more having to wait 60 seconds has elapsed).
    • Added CSXT 4685/4688 (will be adding more "Spirit of ..." locos later, there is a lot)
  • 2013.01.09
    • Added BNSF 4723 ( Microsoft Train Simulator ) unit.
  • 2013.01.08
    • Fixed issue where the geocode engine was broken on the mobile pages (
    • Fixed a bug with reporting locomotives. If entered just after midnight the server would throw an error stating the date is in the future.
    • Removed the "Facebook" like button. Facebook scripts slowed the page load. Will be adding back in the facebook links back in for NS Heritage units and Amtrak Heritage units (all coming soon).
    • When hovering over a pin on the map the locomotive description will display (applies only if one locomotive is assigned to a pin). Example would be "NS8102 (Pennsylvania)".
    • Few more bug/fixes applied today. We'll likely be removing the old site this weekend.
  • 2013.01.06
    • Thanks for everyone's feedback. Still working out a couple bugs. Please use the contact us page at the bottom if you run into anything or have an idea for a future enhancement.
  • 2012.12.12
    • If you have contacted me via our contact page and haven't heard back. Please note that I'm reading your emails (we get 'many'). I'm trying to keep focus on getting the next release out the door and then I hope to go back and respond to them.
    • Very close to finishing off version 2 of the site. The goal is to try and have it operational by January 1st. This version is a complete rewrite and should address many bugs within the system. Couple things that will be included in the next relesae.
      • Ability to upload photos (highly requested)
      • Spotter score will show next to record
      • Home view will allow for quick changes between "By Category", "By Railroad" and "Favorites"
      • "Show Track" option for map (this is "beta" and early stages)
      • Better handling of the markers on the map when many locomotives are in the same location but heading different directions.
      • (*) indicator for leading locomotives
      • Email notifications (may not make the release date but will follow soon after).
      • Spotter "handle" will be required.
      • Going to HTTPS protocol to be more secure.
      • Many bug/fixes throughout the application
  • 2012.11.08
    • Added photo of EMDX1201. Many great photos sent to the site, had to randomly pick one. Many thanks for everyones photos of this locomotive and sorry for the delay getting it to the web.
    • Added NS6920 to site; should be unveiled sometime this morning
  • 2012.11.06
    • Election day! Make sure you vote!!!!
    • Expecting to add a new NS unit in red, white and blue colors later next week.
    • I'll be reviewing the photos folks have donated over the past couple weeks and will be adding them to the existing site.
    • We're still working on version 2 of the website (little behind because I was on vacation with my wife celebrating our 10 yr anniversary).
  • 2012.10.03
    • Sorry for the small server outage between 4:30-4:45p EST today. Had a server hardware issue that required immediate attention.
  • 2012.09.29
    • We've upgraded the server (running easily 10x faster than the previous server).
  • 2012.09.28
    • Fixed bug on mobile spot page where "Is Leading" was a free form field. Now a drop down (thanks IllinoisRailfan)
  • 2012.09.22
    • Oops... typo on my part. I entered CBQ9111-A and the reporting mark was actually CBQ9911-A. All fixed (thanks K. Klynstra)
  • 2012.09.21
    • Added CBQ9111-A and AMTK512 to special interest locomotives
  • 2012.09.20
    • An upgrade to our server is coming soon. When I initially wrote the site to help out railfans; I never imagined the volume of traffic being this high. Currently we have over 1,000+ registered users and site is viewed by over 2,000 unique folks everyday (this doesn't include folks hitting the site multiple times in one day). We should have the new server ready by the end of next week and will likely have a small downtime of 30 minutes. We'll try to provide a couple days heads up about this small outage.
  • 2012.09.17
    • New logic behind the scenes that is capturing distance since last spotted. Will use in the future version to help avoid bad entries by intention or by mistake.
    • We are now validating train symbols. If we have a train symbol on file; we'll override the user entered destination to standardize the data. Our train symbol list only consists of standard symbols (unit train are not included).
  • 2012.09.12
    • Locomotive history will now show only the latest 100 spots (done for performance)
    • Fixed bug on EMDX1206 (could only be entered as EMD1206, now fixed to EMDX1206).
  • 2012.09.10
    • Added SP 4449 to special interest locomotives (thanks J. Nelson)
  • 2012.09.01
    • Added validation on the date/time on the spotted page to avoid entering in dates into the future. Cause of many accidental posts.
  • 2012.08.31
    • Added CSXT F40PH-2 units (9992,9993,9998,9999)
    • Added "HIGHLY REQUESTED" units; CP7312, CP7303, CP7304 and EMDX2012 Demo
  • 2012.08.30
    • We're starting work on builing a forum. Should have an initial setup completed within a couple days.
    • Changed UP8646 to CNW8646 and UP8701 to CNW8701. Sorry this took so long but this actually required a code change.
  • 2012.08.26
    • We had over 20+ folks apply to be a moderator so I decided to expand the group to 3. Those individuals have been selected and are actively assisting with moderating the site. For the folks that applied, please let me say thank you for wanting to help out. I'll hang onto your emails as there might be more room for another in the future. Good luck hunting heritage units!
  • 2012.08.23
    • Numerous bad spots today from a certain individual. This person is the first to be banned from the site because of abuse. I'm currently looking for (2) individuals who are willing to help me moderate the site because of the large amount of volume of spots coming in. This site was written by a railfan who wants all railfans to help each other with spotting heritage units and special interest locomotives. False reporting is ABSOLUTELY not tolerated and your account will be banned if abuse is seen like what happened today. If you wish to be a moderator please contact me at the link below (bottom of the page).
  • 2012.08.17
    • Added C&NW 8646 & C&NW 8701. Created a helper so they can be entered in using 'CNW' prefix, the helper code will translate it to UP code (CNW8646 > UP8646)
  • 2012.08.15
    • I've received numerous emails on photos. I hope to catch up on these emails soon. Putting together the photo banners can be a time consuming effort but I will catch up very soon. Hang in there!
    • Thank you for submitting your locomotive requests. If you submit a request and don't see it online please don't worry (your request is like a vote). Because of the volumne of emails I receive if I get a large amount of request for certain locomotives then I'll look into adding it to the site. Please use the favorites option on your profile if you wish to ignore these locomotives and only focus on the ones you desire.
    • Added BNSF 8197 & BNSF 9647 (thanks to many).
    • Added Pam Am (PAR 52 & PAR 77) to the locomotives (thanks to many)
    • Homepage will now auto refresh the map and results every 60 seconds. So now you can leave the web page up within your browser without the need to keep refreshing. =)
  • 2012.08.12
    • Added the ability for users to filter out locomotives they do not want to see. You can do this by going into your profile (clicking your name in the top right) and then go to "Favorites". Place a check to each locomotive that you want to see on the home page. Return to the home page and the map and results below will filter to your settings. Note the locomotive list on the right currently will still display all locomotives. Also mobile views do not use favorites as of yet. This is initial version of favorites so if you run into problems or have questions please let us know. (Thanks P. Stevenson for the idea)
  • 2012.08.11
    • Added KCS 1,2,3 (FP9) locomotives to the special interest group (thanks K. EuDaly)
    • Added CSXT 699,5000,5001 (Diversity in Motion) locomotives to the special interest group (thanks B. Bridges)
    • Added UP 7964 (5000th GEVO) (thanks to many folks)
    • Added Iowa Interstate 513 (Rock Island) locomotive (thanks to many folks!)
    • Added Time span descriptions (3 hours ago, 3 weeks ago) to mobile views
    • Fixed server time where it was out of sync by 5 minutes. Should no longer be an issue.
    • Fixed time span logic (2 days ago, 3 weeks ago, etc..).
    • Changed the logic for map markers. If the spot is within 24 hours the marker is 100% visible, 25-48 hrs = 75%, 49-72 hrs = 50%, 72-93 = 25%, older do not display.
    • On the home page there is a now a new section called "Special Interest Locomotives". This section is reserved for non-heritage units but are those special units we all want to see. Example would be UP2001/UP2002 Winter Olympic locomotves. This will also allow us to add additional locomotives in the future for special paint schemes.
    • After being live for over a month we have had over 50K visits; 130K+ page views; 13K unique visitors and over 2K spotted locomotive records. Congrats to everyone getting the word out!
  • 2012.08.07
    • Last night we received a spot that UP3985 was in New Jersey (Obviously a bad spot). If this occurs please view the record and click on the "Report Bad Spot" button. This will trigger notifications to us and we will remove it once we review it. Please note that we "track" the author of each spot. So if you make an obvious bad report and it's under your login that this can be cause for you being banned from the site.
  • 2012.08.05
    • Added a new field to indicate if a locomotive is the leading unit. This is optional as we receive some reports via traces and don't have any indication of where the locomotive is within the consist.
  • 2012.07.26
    • Fixed a bug on the reporting. If engine numbers where entered in with spaces ("NS 4270") they validated correctly but didn't save to the system although the server acted like it saved correctly. Now fixed!
  • 2012.07.22
    • Added a "Home" button when viewing locomotive details on the mobile views (thanks J. Rossi)
    • Added "Near Me" button when viewing via mobile. Requires a mobile web browser that supports geolocation services (almost all modern phones have this (iPhone/Android)).
  • 2012.07.16
    • We received a report of a user having problems submitting a reporting. If this is happening to you, "PLEASE" contact us so we can work with you and try to figure out where the problem is.
    • We'll be implementing a "spotter" identification setup. This will default to your first initial/last name unless you specific a custom handle. You can change this at anytime on your profile (display name field).
    • We've had only 2 cases of abuse of the system by a single user. Our logic is simple; 3 strikes and your out (banned from the site). If you have see any "fake" reportings please contact us immediately or or let us know via the "Bad Report" button when viewing a record.
    • Added photos for locomotives. Still more to come... (thanks for everyone that shared photos)
  • 2012.07.10
    • Added new feature that will "fade out" locomotive locations based on the age of their last spot. Anything current to 47 hrs will display 100%, 48-71 hrs = 75%; 72-91 hrs = 50%; older than that displays 25%
    • Removed the seconds (:00) from the mouseover on spotted locomotives (thanks P. Lewis)
    • Added "N/A" for direction of locomotive to mobile views
    • Added "helper shortcuts" for spotting locomotives for NS F units and UP E units. If you enter in "UP E UNITS", "UPOCS", or "UP OCS" it will auto default to "UP949,UP951,UP963". Same follows if you enter in "NS F UNITS", "NSOCS", or "NS OCS" it will auto default to "NS4270,NS4271,NS4275,NS4276". Available on mobile views also.
  • 2012.07.09
    • On occasion we do receive reports from users of "bad spots". Currently these are sent to me where I have to make a judgement call on who is right or wrong. This is difficult to say who is valid; especially when the person accusing the bad spot has valid reasoning why they believe the spot is bad. Sometimes it's best to remove the spot in question and wait for the next updated spot. If this happens to you; please don't be offended. I'm trying to think of a better method for handling these. If you have thoughts or recommendations on this please contact me (love recommendations and ideas
    • Currently working on setting up email notifications. This would be manually setup by each person by editing there profiles. The current design is to allow you to say "Notify me if NS8100 is within 300 mile radius of Columbus, OH". This still in design but if you have recommendations please let us know via the contact page.
    • On the home page you can now click on a location and it will show all locomotives at the location
  • 2012.07.07
    • Added "N/A" for heading when reporting a locomotive. Example of when this applies > Trains that are currently within a yard and not assigned to a train. (thanks K. Pratt)
  • 2012.07.06
    • If I forget to give you thanks on this page just let me know!
    • On landing page heritage units will display first followed by special interest locomotives (steam, OCS units, etc...)
    • On mobile views, when clicking "Latest Locations" you will now receive a prompt to select the railroad. (thanks J. Looby)
    • Added UP 2010 (Boy Scout) / UP 7400 (Pink Ribbon) locomotives. (thanks J. Looby)
    • Added UP E Units
    • Added NS F Units
  • 2012.07.04
    • Had an itch on a hot July 4th today and started work on an Android application based on our current mobile pages. The application currently shows the latest locomotive locations and detail of the reported spot. "Much more" work required but this is a huge progress today on the mobile app front!
    • We'll be adding photos of each unit later this week. If you have any you wish to share please contact us at the link below.
    • Updated landing page image (thanks D. Rudolph, R. Youngblook & Jarppi Photography).
  • 2012.07.03
    • Mobile application views have been added! Just direct your mobile phone to If you run into any problem please contact us.
  • 2012.07.02
    • Android and iPhone applications will be put on hold as we prepare a mobile viewable site (more bang for the buck). When turned on and you hit from a mobile device the server will auto render into a mobile viewable version. We expect to have this ready within days!
    • Yesterday we couldn't escape the severe weather that blew through Ohio last night. Our servers can run on battery backups for 4 hours. That's good but our ISP also experienced an outage leaving us truly in the dark for about an hour until we moved our server to another remote location while we waited for service to restore. Hey... we're not even a week old and we're having fun everyday! :)
    • Current timezone shown displayed on homepage/locomotive detail pages (can be changed by modifying your profile).
    • Fixed Timezone not offseting based on user profile timezone setting. Default is EST. (thanks J. Looby)
    • Sorry if the site has been down for you;. I've fired my previoius DNS host as they failed me too many times in the past days. We've transferred over to a new DNS host that should fix these problems!
  • 2012.07.01
    • Last night (10PM EST) our DNS provider had server issues with their nameservers. This resulted in our site appearing like it was down when it actually wasn't. Nameservers are like the yellowpages for computers and simply their servers didn't tell your PC how to connect with us. We've worked with the DNS provider to get this fixed and put in redundancy to avoid this from happening in the future
  • 2012.06.30
    • User stats (thanks to everyone for sharing, hopefully the more folks that use the site the better the reports!) 06.27 - 41 unique visitors 06.28 - 214 unique visitors 06.29 - 890 unique visitors
    • Android development has officially started today. We'll work on an iPhone ported version after we finish the android one
    • On the main page you can now click the unit locations to view details of the spot
    • Added picture of NS8102. Please contact us if you have others as we'll auto rotate them out (thanks Robert Y)
    • Added Destination field for spottings. (thanks Bob B.)
    • Added Amtrak Units (66,145,156,184,406,822). (thanks to Brad M. & John B)
  • 2012.06.27
    • We turned on the lights! Go Live!