Photos : UP844,UP6936

July 22, 2010. My Dad, Larry, and I were fortunate enough to be invited to ride behind UP steam engine #844, PULLING Centennial # 6936 (a diesel unit which employs two prime movers & is also a Heritage Unit) as it dead-headed her 21-car UP Heritage Fleet passenger train equipment from Cheyenne, WY to Denver, CO in preparation for the annual "Frontier Days" Special, which every year, hauls passengers from Denver to Cheyenne to participate in the festivities. My Dad and I are based in Omaha, NE, with the UP Passenger Equipment (and the UP Corporate HQ) so we are pretty used to seeing those beautiful passenger cars, but it never gets old. Being in the presence of 844 or 3985 is a very special treat, however! We didn't see the glorious Steamer until we got to Cheyenne, since that is where the UP Steam Program operates out of. She backed up to and coupled onto our train, right in front of the historic Cheyenne Depot at about 9:04 AM, and by 9:16 we were underway!
Borie, Wyoming